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Timesheet Software

Efficient, electronic, online time-keeping software for your employee timesheets.


Eliminate errors and save time

Take the stress out of managing timesheets on your HR system with efficient, electronic time-keeping software that can eliminate errors whilst saving on time. Record, submit and approve the hours worked by employees on one easy-to-use paperless system that makes paying more employees correctly quick and simple.

Add Timesheets to your standard IRIS Cascade software to gain all of this and more…


  • Self-service timesheets

    • Empower Employees - Allow employees to manage their own timesheets through our secure software
    • Authorisation - Create customisable authorisation routes to allow managers to approve timesheets for their employees
    • Integration - Integrate with your clock-in system or timesheet portal to streamline your processes
  • Group timesheets

    • Empower Managers - Allow managers to complete and submit employee timesheets for their team/department electronically
    • Integration - Easily integrate group timesheets with Cascade Payroll

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“It is simple to use as an administrator, and intuitive to use as a user. I’ve seen it work with an organisation with 3,500 employees across 5 UK subsidiary businesses, and now with a growing business of just 200 employees.”
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