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Employee Self Service Software

Give your employees greater control over their personal data with our HR self service software.


Empower your employees

Allow employees to take control of their own HR administration with employee Self Service.

Determine what tasks are assigned to managers or team leaders, and even drill down to each individual, for a convenient system that streamlines processes, keeps data secure and drives employee engagement.


  • Add Self Service to your standard IRIS Cascade software to gain all of this and more:

    • Personal Records - allow employees to view and edit their own personal data
    • Payslip Management - employees can have direct access to their current and historic payslips
    • Holiday Management - provide the ability to request/cancel holidays and review remaining entitlement
    • Employee Dashboard - display key employee data on login

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“The Self Service Module was the biggest win for us and helped us to get buy-in to implementing the system. Now we are several years into our Cascade experience and line managers almost can’t remember how they coped without the information it gives them!”
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