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Expense Management Software

Easy-to-use expense management software to help with employee travel and expense claims.


Simplify expenses management

Take back control of your business expenditure with our easy-to-use product designed exclusively for travel and expenses management. Save precious time with on-the-go features in our mobile expenses app or feel the freedom of automating all aspects of running your expenses system, alleviating the pressure placed on your HR and Payroll teams.

With two options to choose from, add Expenses to your standard IRIS Cascade subscription to get the basics, or choose Expenses+ for a more comprehensive offering.

Cascade Expenses Options

  • Expenses

    • Customisable - Configure the software to fit with your expenses policy and expense periods
    • Self-Service - Reduce administration by allowing employees to create and submit their own expense claims
    • Authorisation - Create fully customisable authorisation routes
    • Payroll - Integrate your expense software with our Payroll product for smooth payment to employees
  • Expenses+

    • Self-Service - Reduce administration using self-registration for your employees
    • Mobile Expenses App - Record, submit and approve expenses on the go
    • GPS Enabled - Validate journeys and travel with postcode to postcode look ups
    • Set Allowable Items - Identify claimable items, including home to office calculations, workflows and approval processes
    • Customise Expense Rules - Configure permitted limits consistent with your company’s expenses policy and flag up discrepancies so they can be effectively resolved
    • Multi-Currency Support - Define your own fields and utilise multiple currency rates with real-time exchange rates
    • Company Card Management - Credit or corporate card and fuel card management and cash reconciliation
    • Duty of Care Management - Manage employee vehicle and licence documentation with ease ensuring validity
    • Receipt Validation Service - Ensure expenses claims are HMRC compliant with receipt validation

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“The Cascade Expenses Module has given us greater control of the expense claiming process and gave us the opportunity to put in tighter controls on what our staff are allowed to claim. In using the module we now have all our staff using the same process ensuring consistency across our Group.”
Punter Southall Group

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