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Auto Enrolment Software

Secure Auto Enrolment payroll software


Why choose
Cascade Auto Enrolment?

Our auto enrolment software means you can ease admin time and maximise efficiency. Manage automatic enrolment from start to finish, with visibility of all events and due dates for you and your employees. Cascade AE software is also compatible with other products and integrates easily with Cascade HR Payroll.


  • Add Auto Enrolment to your standard IRIS Cascade software to gain all of this and more:

    • Allow visibility of all auto enrolment events
    • Manage opt-in requests and Postponements
    • Monitor re-enrolment due dates
    • See an overview of where employees are in the AE process
    • Integrate earnings from Cascade Payroll
    • Employees can view their AE timeline at anytime
    • Ability to generate emails and letters

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“It has been very simple to use. The employees like it, they can see where we’re up to, they can access all the letters we’ve sent them about the Auto Enrolment, so it’s made our life a lot easier.”

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