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Takeaway three: Management style and meaningful conversations

Invigorated and inspired by the recent CIPD annual conference, we're still beaming from the insightful discussions held across the two-day event.

It was fantastic to see so many HR professionals all in one place, and we had a great time chatting to as many attendees as we possibly could.

Since the event, we've been revealing our top five takeaways from the conference. Read on for more...

Engagement, experience and people management

Worryingly, management style was rated as the second top cause of stress related absence in the 2019 CIPD survey on health and wellbeing at work. And that statistic really got us thinking….

Here at Cascade HR, we talk about engagement a lot. After all, by streamlining processes to free up time and empower employees, our products and solutions are a great way to improve employee engagement. But how can we do more to encourage management styles that add to engagement?

Listening to the free learning session on ‘Life after appraisals – a new performance management model’ hosted by Clear Review was a poignant reminder of the importance of conversations between managers and their team members. The traditional appraisal process is a good example of the binds that often get in the way of meaningful conversations.

During the session we agreed wholeheartedly that busy managers often feel pressured to prioritise the things they’re held accountable for – for example, ticking boxes and submitting forms. But organisations are often missing a trick when they believe that completing the form is the task at hand, instead of focusing on encouraging meaningful discussions between employees and managers.

Changing the emphasis from filling in forms to having regular conversations is key to boosting employee engagement and experience. We were also interested in Clear Review’s encouragement to replace objectives with agile goals, and building cultures of accountability and behavioural change.

With the future of work already here, we’re keen advocates of reviewing the way things have always been done to make sure they’re still fit for purpose. Technology like ours has been created to simplify processes that have historically revolved around formal documentation, giving way to meaningful and regular conversations taking centre stage.

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Discover what’s shaping the future of work with our video or take a look at our recent insight guide on maximising employee engagement and keep an eye on our Resources for more.

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