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Takeaway five: Change is here to stay

Invigorated and inspired by the recent CIPD annual conference, we're still beaming from the insightful discussions held across the two-day event.

It was fantastic to see so many HR professionals all in one place, and we had a great time chatting to as many attendees as we possibly could.

Since the event, we've been revealing our top five takeaways from the conference. Read on for more...

Managing change

They say the only constant in life is change. And with the world changing faster than ever, we say with a high level of confidence that change is here to stay. So, change management is a skill worth taking an interest in.

That’s why we enjoyed UK Mediation’s learning session at the conference on ‘Change management – turning resistance into collaboration’. As huge fans of organisations who champion collaboration, we know that this is needed more than ever during a period of change.

For HR professionals, a key challenge is to mange the often unavoidable disruption that change brings – employee engagement and morale can be seriously damaged during periods of uncertainty.

Employers tend to encounter a range of attitudes and abilities from employees at the mere mention of change. Forward thinking team members become frustrated if they feel their organisation’s ways of working are lagging behind, whilst employees who favour more traditional ways of working can often feel sceptical of the value the change can bring, or nervous about their ability to adopt it.

Trying to engage all parties while making decisions that help the organisation to move forward can be a difficult balancing act.

We can help…

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