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Survey Report: Change Management

Last month we ran a survey to assess your views on the impact of change and how you manage change throughout your organisation.

The results are insightful.

63.5% of you said that your organisations had experienced major change with only 9% saying that your organisations handled that change badly.

Looking into the future 96.6% of you think you will experience change with 57% expecting to face major change. The majority 89.6% feel equipped to handle change, however 63% of those feel they would need the guidance and expertise of others to help them with change management.

Moving onto how employees react to change, there is concern, 33.9% of you state that employees would react badly with 58.3% stating the best method for communicating change with employees is face to face.

Touching on the 63% of those that state they would need help and guidance to manage change, it would appear that the challenging areas are leadership styles around the organisation and organisational culture.

Whether a minor or a major role, 93.6% of you agreed that technology has a role to play in managing organisational change.

With this in mind, Sarah Lowe, HR Manager from Sika Limited has written a white paper on the subject, Utilising HR software to effectively manage organisational change. This white paper examines the ways in which HR software can be used as a valuable change management tool.

As an incentive for you to complete the survey, 50 x £5 food vouchers and an IPad Mini and were up for grabs. The 50 food vouchers are in the post to the lucky winners and we have pleasure of announcing that Sue Smith, Director of HR from Saint Michaels Hospice was the lucky winner of an iPad Mini. Sue has kindly donated this to the hospice, Sue comments,

“On behalf of Saint Michael’s I would like to thank you for the IPad Mini which arrived earlier this week. We set it up yesterday and are now looking at how we can best incorporate it into our patient care and the education we do for staff and externally. “

If you would like to donate to Saint Michael’s please visit their donation page,

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