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Why did Randstad choose Cascade HR?

Linzi Omar, HR shared services manager, and Inese Teacher, HR Systems and MI Manager from our client Randstad share their experiences with us:

Why did you choose software from Cascade HR?

As the 2nd largest HR services provider in the world – with 1650 employees based in the UK alone – we required a strategic system that provided flexibility and excellent bespoke reporting functionality. We were not receiving this from our previous provider, but could see that Cascade could assist us with the essential missing elements, enabling us to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

How does it work?

The software enables the preparation of documents – such as customised reports, payslips and detailed performance management tools – at the mere click of a button.

What are its best features?

The flexibility. Our company is constantly experiencing change, and therefore we sometimes need to alter our procedures quickly and efficiently – which is now possible. Unlike some older, more rigid platforms, this process isn’t costly or time-consuming to the business.

Who would you recommend it to?

It’s a perfect product for SMEs and is so quick and easy to master – it’s an investment that can change a company for the better.

What’s been the result?

Cascade has enabled us to offer more enhanced reporting to the business and move to a truly data-driven culture. We used to outsource processes such as Flexible Benefits and Total Reward Statements, which are now all done in-house. Our systems are fast, have saved us both time and money, and the overall impact has been phenomenal.

Where now?

We are continually evolving and are always looking for ways to further develop the processes we have in place.  A main focus of ours is  to streamline our processes further and widen the use of Cascade within the Shared Services functions, when the new UI is complete and user experience is improved.

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