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Is homeworking the next normal?

This year, the majority of the population has been asked to work from home. And for most of us, this ‘new normal’ has brought an array of challenges including juggling home-schooling alongside work, dealing with feelings of isolation, finding ways to stay healthy during a more sedentary lifestyle, and much more.

As we look forward towards the next normal, organisations are resetting and reorganising their ways of working, and discussions are taking place about whether UK workers should be given the legal right to work from home.

The benefits of homeworking include increased productivity, lack of commute improving work life balance, and cutting travel costs bringing better employee financial wellbeing.

However, long-term working from home also highlights an array of challenges including employer trust, mental wellbeing and physical health.

So, with home working top of the HR agenda, we’re sharing a few key ways to make working from home successful…

  • Work space – many of your employees probably don’t enjoy the luxury of space at home so may struggle to find a quiet space to work comfortably. Even for those who can, making sure their home workspace is healthy is essential to combat the physical concerns that can arise – for example straining to see a small laptop screen or becoming too sedentary while working. HSE assessments are a must to help combat this.
  • Engagement – if your employees are used to working geographically closely to their manager and teammates, then communicating with them in ways other than face to face might be a big adjustment. But distance makes it even more important that your organisation implements a strong engagement strategy to keep your people up-to-date and feeling part of the team.
  • Balance – contrary to the traditional view, home workers tend to work for longer than office based employees and take less breaks. It can also be difficult to separate home life and work life without the buffer of a commute to the office. Supportive wellbeing strategies are needed to encourage employees to maintain a balance and avoid burnout.

Is your business ready for long-term home working?

Watch our video to see how HR software can support your organisation through the next normal – no matter where your people are working.

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