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HR software a hot topic for housing associations as Cascade client numbers keep on growing

Renowned for servicing virtually every type of business within the private sector, Cascade’s HR software solution is a popular tool amongst a varied client base. From premier league football clubs to retail giants, and engineering groups to the legal profession, Cascade can help with almost every commercial Human Resources and payroll scenario.

One area in which the team has particularly excelled over the years is housing. Client wins in this sector have been followed by strong case study examples of housing groups and associations effectively utilising Cascade’s award-winning technology. What’s more, we’ve recounted numerous examples of such clients slashing absence levels, nurturing greater staff engagement and vastly improving their bottom lines as a result.

These satisfied organisations have continued to endorse Cascade and their word of mouth recommendations has undoubtedly helped the brand become the first name on everyone’s lips, when it comes to HR and payroll technology for the housing sector.

And this trend shows no sign of slowing, with five new housing clients on board with Cascade within weeks of one another.

Suffolk-based Orwell Housing for example, is passionate about continually developing and engaging its 560-strong team to ensure employees remain dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated by their work. Aware that their previous system could no longer fulfil their needs – and keen to improve their reporting capability, self-service functionality and level of customer service – they switched to Cascade.

Christian Action Housing on the other hand, did not have any HR software in place before they approached Cascade. Utilising the staff intranet and emails to facilitate internal communications, this approach was proving inefficient and cumbersome. The social housing provider also felt it needed a stronger grasp of absence management and sick pay, so approached Cascade for assistance. The solution was implemented in only three months, ahead of a phased training plan.

For the Together Housing Group, the priority was to replace numerous existing HR, payroll and learning and development systems, with a core technology that would achieve a consistent, efficient, best-practice way of working across the Group’s six partner organisations. The Group manages 38,000 homes over a huge area of Northern England, and staff are as dispersed as the properties. Cascade has been configured to reflect the image and objectives of the organisation, and will be utilised to streamline HR functions across the Group, whilst also facilitating effective reporting and self-service in the 1300-strong workforce.

Teign Housing manages over 3600 homes in South Devon. They have invested in Cascade’s cloud-hosted HR solution, with additional recruitment, online recruitment, self-service, workflow, survey and auto enrolment functionality for up to 125 employees. The housing association was so impressed with the look and feel of Cascade, that they have also adopted key elements of the brand, including the famous owl!

And, last but not least, Castle Vale Community Housing sought a new HR software solution due to the limitations of their current system  and the over reliance on manual processes and the use of excel spreadsheets.  The HR function was being severely restricted so sought a system that would empower managers and employees to take responsibility for their own tasks. This organisation also turned to Cascade.

Delighted with Cascade’s continued progress in this sector, client services director Heather Vitty commented: “Whilst we know we can add value to any type of private sector business, as our varied customer base shows, naturally we do tend to pick up a large number of clients in particular verticals.

“We have known for some time that we can add a great deal of value to housing groups and associations, and it is great to see the ongoing uptake of our technology within this specialist arena.

“Such strong client wins also show that, following Cascade’s acquisition by IRIS Software Group, it is very much ‘business as usual’ at our Leeds headquarters. We continue to secure new work due to the quality of our product, the knowledge-based demonstrations delivered by our sales team and the commitment to service that we have maintained.”

To learn more about how our social housing clients utilise Cascade’s HR software, why not speak to a member of the Cascade team about your HR software needs – whether you are a housing association or otherwise – please call us on 0113 255 4115, email or complete our short enquiry form.

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