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HR shouldn’t go ‘back to basics’, it should just never forget them…

Cascade’s HR assistant and CIPD member Laura Kirrane explains that now is the time for the Human Resources industry to look forward, not back…

“Personnel Today posed an interesting question recently when it asked, “should the HR profession go back to basics?

The viewpoints of individuals who participated in this debate, and who have since contributed to the ongoing discussion, differed greatly. Some warned that by concentrating too much on making an impression in the boardroom, the fundamentals of HR can be forgotten. Others suggested however that HR still does not have an organisational identity, and that many HR professionals do not possess the level of business acumen needed to cover anything other than the basics.

As a HR professional myself, I feel it important to share my own views. When the CIPD celebrated its centenary recently, the institute reflected on how much progress HR has made. Of course many people still fail to realise the true value that HR brings to organisations, but elsewhere many have acknowledged the increasing profile of this important business function.

The smarter HR teams will have had the basics covered for some time. HR technology for instance can act as an invisible administrator ensuring every transactional element of the job is undertaken accurately and when most timely. HR professionals are therefore safe in the knowledge that day to day activities are under control, giving them more time to concentrate on delivering the more creative and transformational benefits that they are capable of.

Of course not all HR teams will adopt this approach. Undoubtedly some will overlook the basics in favour of what may simply be an aspirational attempt to raise their organisational status. But this is the key part of the argument. HR should go ‘back to basics’ if those basics have not been covered in the first place. However if a HR department consistently and efficiently tackles all of the administrative and procedural elements of the job, there is no reason why some resource cannot be invested in more strategic exercises, if they are going to benefit the workforce. HR is about people and their employment experiences after all.

The author of this Personnel Today article perhaps summed the debate up perfectly, stating that it is possible to cover the basics and help shape organisational strategy, so long as one is never at the expense of the other.”

With Cascade, clients will never take their eyes off the ball. Proactive prompts and best practice workflows ensure everyone carries out their job effectively – the basics are always covered and nothing is forgotten. The more intuitive reporting side of Cascade then supports HR teams as they investigate trends and strive to develop new ways to add value to the wider business.

If this approach sounds right for your organisation, then contact a member of our team for further information, or to request a free demonstration.


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