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How are HR professionals viewing the employment landscape?

Cascade recently carried out a client survey, the results of which reinforced a general consensus that the HR industry is attune to the changing employment landscape. Many HR professionals are looking to make the most of a modern workforce and a thriving economy.

The UK economy is on the up. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) it’s on track to grow steadily throughout 2015. Employment is at a record high* and there is in an indication of slow growth in salaries.

However the steady growth doesn’t come without challenges. While employment is at an all-time high, youth unemployment still remains a sticking point, as does the growing gap in skills shortage. The answer could lie within the growing number of apprenticeships. Still, this only represents 15% of employers within the UK.

The need to encourage more qualified staff at a grass roots level is highlighted by the potential skills crisis that looms on the horizon – a skilled workforce underpins our economy and 30% of skilled professionals in the UK are over the age of 50 and heading for retirement.

Then there is the continuous challenge of absence management, and despite continued work to reduce the overall cost of absence to an organisation, the average cost still stands at £609 per employee, an increase of 1.5% on the previous year.

In addition to this we have increased legislation on Shared Parental Leave, Workplace Pensions and Gender Pay Regulations. All of which will impact on organisations.

What do our HR Professionals think…?

Cascade HR Software recently surveyed their HR professionals to find out what is high on their agenda for 2015.

The results provided resounding evidence of proactive strategies that go beyond merely keeping employee records, with great consideration for operational efficiency. For example 93% of those asked said that they actively reported on absence, while 97% were actively reporting on staff turnover.

What’s more, we saw a real trend in workforce optimisation. Employee engagement, talent management, training and retention were all deemed to have a big impact on business strategy over the forthcoming year.

The fantastic part about this… Well, Cascade HR software goes beyond storing personnel data. Our System Designer and reporting and analysis features give clients the tools to scrutinise their data, and review and report on every aspect of employee management. Thus, they’re able to offer real strategic value to an organisation.

The Employment Landscape


*During the time of creation, the ONS announced that unemployment had risen, however this has not impacted on the percentage of employed workforce.


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