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Engaging the neutrals

Worrying absence figures have been widely reported in the UK for some time, with the CIPD publishing statistics each year that highlight the scale of the problems organisations face. But whilst some companies simply dwell on the trends, many HR departments value the CIPD’s insight and sit up and take action.

Take Cascade client Synergy Housing for instance. Acknowledging the financial and wellbeing implications of an unacceptable level of absence, head of HR Rosie Green set about devising a new absence management plan that saved her organisation £285,000 in 12 months, and saw employees’ workplace satisfaction rate reach 86%.

Rosie would be the first to say that the journey was not simple, but her proactivity, hard work and HR knowledge reaped benefits for the employees and management team alike.

So the question is – can the same positive attitude be adopted when digesting new statistics that reveal potentially difficult personnel issues?

This week the CIPD published results from their latest Employee Outlook survey, which found that “58% of employees are simply ‘not bothered’ about their work”. The report went on to describe neutral employees as being almost 50% less likely to go the extra mile for employers, than those who are engaged.

What do these current attitudes mean for organisations? And once again, what can we do about it?

If employees don’t want to be at work, HR teams need to consider how they prepare for, manage and prevent absences, and they should also look at how they can better-engage staff so as to protect other team members’ wellbeing and organisations’ bottom lines.

Thankfully Cascade offers a solution to help HR departments with this journey. Cascade’s intuitive HR software has proven an integral part in alleviating the absence management headache that many companies are experiencing throughout the UK. But the software can also help with other facets of employee wellbeing at work, in terms of learning and development, talent management, succession planning, appraisals and empowerment via self service for instance.

This is not a case of looking at employees as items of data; instead it is about utilising intelligent HR technology to capture and make the best use of personnel information and trends, so that HR professionals can then concentrate upon fostering meaningful relationships with staff.

The proportion of neutral or disengaged employees should then gradually fall, meaning more are likely to go the extra mile for their managers and the strategic contribution of the Human Resources function will once again be reiterated.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Cascade team regarding how HR technology can increase employee engagement, reduce your level of absence or improve your business’s bottom line, please contact 0113 2554115 or email info@cascadehr.co.uk

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