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Cascade research shows 35% of HR professionals don’t know their organisation’s absence rate

This week, Cascade HR delivered a webinar in association with People Management Insight, Consilia Legal and Positive People HR, on the popular topic ‘Improving employee absence in 2016’.

Almost 1,000 HR professionals registered to tune in to this live presentation, evidencing the clear demand for advice and guidance on this costly subject matter. This is perhaps because recent CIPD statistics revealed that workplace absence has once again risen from 6.6 to 6.9 days per employee, per year. Also, in 2015, only 25% of organisation’s are reported to have achieved their absence target.

But research carried out during the webinar itself has uncovered further interesting findings. Encouragingly, 40% of webinar participants claimed their organisation’s own rate of absence is below that of the CIPD average. Perhaps unsurprisingly,there were those with a bigger absence problem, with 23.96% of participants stating their rate of absence is higher than 6.9 days per employee per year. But most worryingly, 35% of these HR professionals did not know how their organisation’s absence compares.

Commenting on these results, Cascade HR’s technology specialist Marc Greggains said:

[blockquote]Without a clear understanding of an organisation’s true absence scenario, it is difficult to implement processes, procedures and strategies that will effectively address any potential problems. A clearer grasp of workplace data is therefore required before significant progress can be made.

“These findings shouldn’t be used to point the finger at HR though. The profession has an abundance of roles and responsibilities to fulfil on a daily basis, and often teams are stretched. As a technology provider, it is our responsibility to streamline as many of their time consuming administrative tasks as possible, to enable HR to concentrate on the more value adding elements of their role. [/blockquote]

That’s exactly why Cascade delivered practical advice-led technology tips in the absence management webinar, to illustrate how and why software can support HR teams with this complex subject.

Marc continues:

[blockquote]Our system isn’t just designed to save time. It is proactive too and can uncover data and trends that may otherwise be missed. It can also ensure legal and best practice compliance, guiding the right people to carry out the right tasks at the right time.

“Armed with information about an organisation’s own absence status, steps can be taken to rectify any underlying issues, make necessary adjustments, safeguard team morale, protect productivity levels and prevent any adverse impact on a company’s bottom line. [/blockquote]

See the webinar in full.


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