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Cascade kicks off a great 2017

It’s been a brilliantly busy start to the year here at Cascade, with a variety of customer-focused activities taking place across the country.

In January, the first 2017 quota of our successful customer Networking Groups took place. High demand for places saw our Marketing and Account Management teams travelling across the UK, undertaking two separate sessions in central London, and standalone events in Bristol and Liverpool the following week.

Networking Groups are designed to provide our clients with the opportunity to view and discuss the very latest enhancements, updates and features within our software. They also offer customers from various companies and industries the chance to network with fellow clients and Cascade staff, enabling all attendees to learn how to truly get the most from their HR system.

Netw groups

With the main body of the event built around customer feedback and suggestions, we pride ourselves on covering the topics and areas that matter the most to our clients. During our January events, some key topics discussed therefore included how to best-utilise Cascade’s reporting capabilities, a presentation of our future development roadmap, and an exclusive insight into what’s next for Gender Pay Gap reporting, presented by a guest speaker and legal expert.

The Gender Pay Gap report is set to be a particularly hot topic for HR professionals in 2017/18, with reporting for large companies due to become mandatory from 6th April 2017. The UK currently has the 6th largest gender pay gap in the EU, although this is starting to slowly close. Mandatory reporting has been introduced by the Government as a way to collect and publish data relating to gender pay, with companies forced to publish their results within the public domain by April 2018.

During our session, attendees discovered the legal background supporting the new legislation, what information must be included as standard within reports, and how job comparison can be actually categorised and calculated.

The latter half of our day-long sessions also includes dedicated time for networking, allowing customers to share ideas, solve common issues, and inspire and advise each other on future plans and ambitions for their HR systems.

Man conf

January also saw us in Manchester, exhibiting at Salford University’s Workplace Pensions and Benefits Conference. Attending in our capacity to provide delegates with help, support and information on how to go about searching for a fully integrated software solution, we spoke to many people excited about the future of HR and Payroll.

The conference brought together a panel of expert speakers, including the President of the Pensions Management Institute, and a Senior Economics Lecturer from the University of Sheffield. Topics discussed included insights into the major issues affecting the HR profession in 2017, working conditions across the UK and finance considerations in retirement.

The event allowed attendees to connect with recognised industry leaders, providing a platform for questions to be put to speakers with a wealth of knowledge and insight in these complex areas. With a heavy focus on potential changes to pensions and benefits on leaving the EU, the event allowed delegates to access a range of information on the challenges ahead, and how to best prepare for them.

For more information on our exclusive Networking Groups, or any other Cascade event, contact us via 0113 230 8600 or visit our website.

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