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As the end of the first year of reporting PAYE information to HMRC in real-time, commonly known as RTI, comes to a close on April 5th 2014.

We’ve been looking at the performance of our own payroll software, which is used by thousands of customers across the UK.  We looked at the last quarter reports from HMRC and can proudly say that all of our customers had a 100% success rate with their submissions to HMRC.  These submissions were of three different types:

  • Employer payment summaries
  • Full payment submissions
  • NINO verification requests

Congratulations to all our customers, and the payroll software development team!

RTI has marked a significant change for finance, payroll, and HR departments.  Particularly for smaller organisations, the prospect of submitting all this information before payday had been a worry. For many, this meant bringing in new software or changing processes.  Our own software is entirely developed in-house without third-party add-ons.  This means that the Cascade payroll and HR solution is fully integrated with a single point of entry for data; so there is no need for our customers to rekey data into the payroll system, and HR-led initiatives such as a global salary raises or individual bonuses can be easily implemented.

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