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The Oil and Pipelines Agency implement Cascade HR

Last year the Oil and Pipelines Agency began their search for a new HR system.

We caught up with their HR Manager, Sue Jemmett to find out about their journey with Cascade so far, from the research process, to shortlist selection and the implementation of the software.

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So starting at the beginning of your journey – why did The Oil and Pipelines Agency decide to implement HR software?

The Oil and Pipelines Agency did not have an electronic system.  Data was not in a format whereby it could be easily manipulated and provide management with information on which it could base decisions.  It was also essential that we have a system where we can develop our competency framework and manage this on an on-going basis in order that we are assured of the staff competencies, particularly in safety critical roles.


Via which methods did you search for this?

We are in effect a SME. We did attend one software show, just to see what might meet our needs, but in the main we used the Internet and Personnel Today to consider potential providers that might be able to meet our specifications.


How did you evaluate the various software options?

Our first stage was to send out a specification to potential providers and ask them if they could meet our requirements.  The specification was put together involving our IT Manager, Finance Management, other internal stakeholders as well as the HR Team.

Many organisations could not meet the specification.  Those that could, we invited in to give an initial overview of their product.

From this we shortlisted two potential systems that could meet our needs.  Another demonstration was given by each, evaluated by our selected procurement team, which was cross functional.  We conducted site reference visits and finally the procurement team came together and discussed the two systems and agreed which was the right system to meet our needs.

Why did you choose Cascade?

Cascade met the specification we set;  in particular it appeared very user friendly, flexible and robust.  We understood we could add screens and fields, and that these user defined areas would not prevent upgrades from being implemented.  Security of the system was also very important. Additionally we believed that the software was also value for money.

“We have been amazed how easily we have understood how the system operates”

What benefits has Cascade brought to your organisation?

We are still in the implementation phase, but we have already been able to provide the business and certain managers with data and KPIs.  We can see that we will be able to automate much of the administration burden placed on the HR Team, Managers and staff, which will mean that we can look to providing value added services to the business.

The support and training we have received has been very good.  Our project to implement is on target and we feel that the system will be well received.

The Oil and Pipelines Agency decided to implement the core HR module, along with Self Service, Workflow, Training Manager and Group Timesheets.

Support from a dedicated Project Manager and committed Client Services team, will ensure Cascade is configured to their business objectives to deliver their original goals.

To see how Cascade has provided HR solutions to a range of clients in a variety of sectors click here to read our client case studies.

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