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Cascade gets in the spirit for Comic Relief!


Last week Cascade got in the Comic Relief spirit for Red Nose Day, with staff volunteering themselves for tasks of the day.

Starting off with the ‘Onesie Challlenge’, where a group of employees travelling back from the Pay and Benefits Awards in London came home in their onesies! Despite a few odd looks in Kings Cross Station they posed for pictures and received numerous sponsors.

Product Consultant Luke Latham vowed to part ways with his beard if we raised over £100, naturally the donations began to pour in! After seven years with his beard Luke said he now feels likes a new man!

Volunteers also put themselves forward in an eating challenge, where by people sponsored them to eat a variety of gruesome concoctions; from cold rice pudding and blue cheese to pickle onion milkshakes!

Thanks to everyone from Cascade who took part in the challenges and made donations in support for Comic Relief!

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