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Businesses urged to embrace home working if possible

In Parliament today, the Prime Minister announced, “we’re once again asking office workers who can work from home to do so.”

He also added: “We always knew that while we may have driven the virus into retreat the prospect of a second wave was real and I’m sorry to say that we’ve reached a perilous turning point.”

As the alert level for coronavirus has been raised to a 4 and new data suggests that we could see cases rising to 50,000 a day by mid-October, the Government has responded with a range of changes impacting HR professionals.

What changes have been announced?

While the ‘working from home’ news may come as a blow to those reopening their offices, there has been some flexibility provided.

For those organisations with employees that can’t work from home, they can continue as normal.

“In key public services and all professions where home working is not possible such as construction or retail, people should continue to attend their workplaces,” the Prime Minister stated.

Additionally, the announcement placed an added focus on ensuring a COVID-secure workplace and those who don’t comply will face greater fines.

“In retail, leisure and tourism sectors, our COVID-secure guidelines will become legal obligations, and businesses will be fined and could be closed if they breach the rules.”

We’ve created a handy guide to help ensure you are compliant with COVID-secure regulations, which you can find here.

Employers and customers can also find more information, help and advice about Covid-19 on our here to help hub.

How can IRIS Cascade help?

Our fully customisable HR management system, IRIS Cascade, enabled a huge amount of our customers to efficiently manage their people processes at the start of the pandemic.

Offering a configurable approach, IRIS Cascade provides HR professionals with the tools to reimagine their HR processes no matter where they’re working from.

For more information on IRIS Cascade and to book a demo click here.

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