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April 2015: Client Services Team Feedback

Here at Cascade, we pride ourselves on our great customer service. Our personal, approachable staff have been recognised as some of the industries finest, giving clients access to a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

After every service day, whether that be consultancy or user training, we ask our clients to give us some feedback on their experience. This helps us to improve the delivery of the service and continuously provide value to our clients.

We are very proud to present you with the results from feedback below, we think that you will agree that these speak highly of our staff and the software we deliver.

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What our clients said about us in April;

Nicky from Shoreham Port commented on Product Consultant Maxine:

[blockquote]”Very helpful, punctual, friendly, would strongly recommend to others”[/blockquote]

EDM Group quoted:

[blockquote]”Amy was knowledgeable on all areas of Cascade, answered every question fully without hesitation”[/blockquote]

Amy Headland

EDM Group explained:

[blockquote]”Amy listened thoroughly to our requirements and gave suggestions for each workflow which helped”[/blockquote]

REM UK stated:

[blockquote]”Nathan understood what the company needed and assisted us with this”[/blockquote]

Kate from Regenda:

[blockquote]”Excellent session – very clear and easy to understand”[/blockquote]

Overall Feedback

Initially we ask all our clients to feedback on their Product Consultant, we specifically ask; How was the presentation? How was their attitude and product knowledge? We also ask about the training session itself; including, How was their Training Session Management?  This month we received 100% response and have had nobody selecting “Poor” as a response across any area.

The following graph shows the feedback gathered throughout April…


Because the little things matter…

We want to know how prepared our Consultants are so we can ensure that we are meeting the highest levels of service for our clients. The little things make the biggest impressions; that is why we ask. We want to make sure course materials are supplied and the consultants are punctual and presentable. With an average of over 90% positive responses it’s clear that Cascade is meeting clients expectations and this is a standard we aim to maintain.


At Cascade we report on the feedback we receive from our customers about our Client Services Team. Each month we reflect back on the previous month’s data and review the positive responses we’ve received. To find out more about the services and training we provide at Cascade, please click here.


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