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Helpful COVID-19 videos

Find the information you need to know and watch insightful video overviews


Helpful COVID-19 videos

There’s a variety of ways you can use your Cascade HR system to help plan for and support business continuity, keeping
your business moving and enabling you to provide support to your employees during this time.



Identifying employees that are high risk or vulnerable

Use the medical screen to identify employees that have any pre-existing medical conditions that could make them particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

Collating and showing test results

Use the screen and database designer to record the people who tested positive (or negative) for COVID-19.



How to create an employees contact list for manager

Discover how to create an emergency contact list using query builder and share this information with the relevant managers to enable them to have direct access to information about their team.

How to set up emergency volunteer leave

Understand how to set up a new leave type, e.g. Emergency Volunteer Leave, and enable employees to be able to request this leave using their Cascade system.



Create an asset log and identify if employees are able to work from home

Understand how to configure a screen to create an asset log of equipment being used by employees. This can be used to identify the ability of your employees to work from home or to simply record the equipment being used or assigned to an individual employee.

How to use workflows to ensure details are correct

Use workflows to ensure you have the most up-to-date contact details and information for your employees.



Change login message

Discover how to change your login message to provide updates and guidelines to employees.

How to build a report to show employees in self-isolation

Create new absence types and use enhanced reports to show the current status of all employees and whether they are self-isolating, working from home, on holiday or on sick leave, etc.